Have you been on a train lately, 2014? Reprise.

I had so much fun on Amtrak

The Amtrak Southwest Chief runs daily between Chicago and Los Angeles, through the vast expanse of the fabled American West.

imgres I decided to take my wife this time. It is August 2014. Our first time Westbound. We decided to visit our son in Los Angeles. We took the Missouri River Runner to Kansas City and then changed to the Southwest Chief with direct service to Los Angeles.  A 42 hour trip in all, following the route of the  Atchison Topeka and Santé Fe, with stops in Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Barstow and San Bernardino. The Missouri River Runner  follows the Missouri river through Jefferson City, the state capital to Kansas City.amk34images Continue reading


Who’s been on a train lately?

English: Nile left bank between Edfu and Kom O...

English: Nile left bank between Edfu and Kom Ombo, Egypt Français : Rive gauche du Nil entre Edfou et Kom Ombo, Égypte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Egyptian National Railways train with...

English: Egyptian National Railways train with EMD G22W AC locomotive 3996 on the Luxor -Aswan line on the banks of the river Nile between Edfu and Kom Ombo. Nederlands: Egyptian National Railways trein met EMD G22W AC locomotief 3996 op de Luxor -Aswan lijn langs de Nijl tussen Edfu en Kom Ombo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Residential section of the Machu Picchu, Peru.

Residential section of the Machu Picchu, Peru. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Feluccas near Kom Ombo, Egypt Françai...

English: Feluccas near Kom Ombo, Egypt Français : Felouques près de Kom Ombo, Égypte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

California Zephyr video I 80 Reno rail yard

Video Donner pass 1844

1984 Peru Cuzco Urubamba valley Machu Picchu

Kom Ombo Temple

1982 Cairo to Luxor, Kom Ombo, Aswan Egypt

Munich to Istanbul, 1977-8 Cinti to Milwaukee London Inverness 1988 Athens Regensburg, 1978
Paris Est FFM Hbf 1978 Paris Regensburg Rhein cruise, 1975 Berlin FFM, 1990
Berlin FFO, 1990 Paris Lyon, tgv 1989 Tangier Stockholm, 1978 Paris Barcelona Seville 1992
Seville Madrid, 1992 Madrid Lisbon, 1978 Paris Koeln, 1975 Firenze Paris
Venice Wien, 1974 Moscow St. Petersburg, 1974 St. PetersburgHelsinki 1974  Regensburg Heidelberg
Cairo to Luxor 1982 Kom Ombo Aswan return
 London 1988  Paris nord  Frankfurt aM Hbf


Paris to Andorra via

Main Post Office Frankfurt an der Oder

Helsinki Main

Helsinki Main

Practical information: your audience

L’Hospitalet-près-l’Andorre clicke ici
Avalanches and bonfires at night


MMG Los Angeles to Saint Louis

Three days in a train

Who are those Finno-Ugrians?

Distribution of Uralic languages and peoples

Distribution of Uralic languages and peoples (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who are those Finno-Ugrians?

Epic Kandinsky – Vasily Kandinsky, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California

In her excellent catalogue essay, Dabrowski makes us see that all of these biographical strands are somehow manifest in the “Compositions.” The early ethnological studies in Russia, which culminated in a paper published in 1889 on the pagan religions of the Zyrians, a Finno-Ugric tribe in northeastern Siberia, are distantly reflected in what Dabrowski sees as the vibrant color and veiled, shamanistic imagery of the “Compositions.” Kandinsky’s early love of Wagner, and his epiphanic experience of hearing Lohengrin in Moscow in 1896, comes back in the recurring musical metaphor of the paintings; Dabrowski compares these paintings to works by Scriabin and Schoenberg, both acquaintances of the artist.

Los Angeles County MA

So what exactly is Mordovan; I’m often asked. Mordovan is one of my 27 languages. Mordovan is one of the four paleo Eurasian languages.


One of many so called repressed nationalities..

  • 1 Komi
  • 2 Mordvan
  • 3 Udmurt
  • 4 Mari el
  • 5Finnish
  • 6 Estonian
  • 7 Ugrians Khanty and Mansi western Siberia
  • 8 Hungarian
  • Komi peoples

    Komi peoples (Photo credit: Wikipedia)